Cultivating Tahitian Pearls
is a way of life

Who we are

At Collins Pearls, we strive to make the best Tahitian pearls in the world while still having fun and respecting our environment.

When we began this adventure, we really had no idea what to expect and what we where getting ourselves into. Fast-forward 20 plus years into the future, after going through 3 Hurricanes, drought, lagoon overheating, theft, shark-proliferation we are now well-experienced pearl farmers alas.

The Black-lipped Oyster

Pinctada Margaritifera

Our love for pearls became a love for the “Nacre”, or Black-lipped-oyster. In order to produce beautiful pearls you need amazing Oysters. We started hunting for baby oysters and as luck would have it, in 1999 when we first set our collector stations in the lagoon we hit the mother-load.

The learning process took years, we learned through hard lessons over time, we have to adapt constantly to the Natural imperatives as they change or evolve. I can say now, we know what we are doing.

Tahitian Perals

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